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Creating New Apps

Creating New Apps
Please review the open source code and open source module samples to create your own modules:

Note that the code that we provide here is *extremely* outdated. However our framework is backward-compatibility so the code that you submit would still work.

We know that the lack of experimentation should make code submission an extremely tedious task. That's we highly recommend you to take a look at our OpenSocial solution first. If you need deeper integration, native modules are for you, but you'll probably need to work with our engineers.

We cannot guarantee a response from our engineers at all time. But we definitely welcome all contributions from 3rd parties. We recommend you to start with easy projects, so that you can see how the process work, get used to it and don't waste your time on something that may not even get accepted.

We reserve the rights to refuse your submission without any reason. All files submitted to GROU.PS Platform should be licensed under the BSD License.



Almost a week waiting for around 30 blog's feeds to be updated. Also trying to post gives "error" most of the time. The URL or my group is: http://grou.ps/meditacionesenelmarrojo/home
I would appreciate if someone could help me out with this issue.
Rudy Spillman
ayuda por favor no puedo borrar ni editar nada en mi pagina de inicio.esta es mi page http://grou.ps/turinconsito/home
grou.ps/bowster enttremm
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